A Look at Pagpag in Bagong Pook, San Antonio Cavite City


  • Danielle O. Delos Santos


Pagpag, Food waste



Over millions of people in the Philippines are poor, and food scavenging has sadly become a norm for many families to answer their food problems. The same is a common practice in Cavite City. For the satisfaction of hunger, many Filipinos have set aside the importance of nutrition and food safety, which could be detrimental to their overall health. They explained, “Nobody got sick or died with pagpag (food scraps).” Food scraps are discarded by the different restaurants or fast-food chains in urban communities in Bagoong Pook, San Antonio, Cavite City. The extreme poverty evident inthe Philippines has pushed these communities to cope up with the problem through alternative means.



We conducted a focused survey among the families at Bagong Pook, San Antonio, Cavite City, with fifty respondents from these families using a set of Likert type of questionnaire. Practicing was also conducted with collected estimated data through analysis of the use of innovation in families. A high population was also noted as a problem that’s why pagpag exists. The researcher aimed to find ways tohelp provide support for those family that needed jobs, income, or small business to help them get by every day.



Respondents who participated in our focus groups perceived substantial problems with the assessment innovation, which ranged from 1.) Reasons for the existence of pagpag in Bagong Pook. 2.) level of awareness about the effects of pagpag. 3.) The vision regarding food scarcity. The respondents generally agreed that the main reason for the existence of pag-pag is that nobody has gotten sick or died from it. The other reasons for the respondents are because of food scarcity or there is no available food for the family and pag-pag helps satisfy their hunger.



The result has demonstrated that the families are aware of the reasons why they are practicing pag-good and bad effect of eating pag-pag are preferred because it is a cheap meal.